Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The last push

Just one full campaigning day left. Sleep deprivation and a full day working in court today stole one of my better opportunities at the hustings organised by Liverpool University. Fortunately I had Chris Whitehouse (Young Greens National Committee) to stand in for me.

Right now I am ploughing through my very many emails and policy pledges from NGOs to ensure that any really important ones that I've missed are now covered.

Monday 2nd May

Spent most of today getting an audio manifesto recorded due to a previous technical error that meant that the quality of the CDs we had produced was not good enough. Arrived back in Liverpool at 10.45pm and to met my student canvassers who had been out in the south of the constituency all day.

Sunday 1st May

Some Green Party Executive discussions following on from yesterday's issues, but our financial repair work has been successful. Went out to the Labour Day march on the Liverpool side of the water, before leaving my team to cross the water and returning to check emails and messages before a hastily arranged trip down to London to sort out our audio manifesto problems. This was one four hour train journey I could do without.

Randomly bumped into Steve Radford, Liberal Party candidate for Liverpool West Derby. He finished 2nd there last time, ahead of the Liberal Democrats, and we exchanged mutual good lucks. Steve is nothing if not a committed councillor, and is the best anti-Labour vote in that constituency this time round, although it will undoubtedly remain a safe Labour seat.

A long train journey later and I arrive into London, for more emailing and phone calls, and another visit to my brother who I thank again for his hospitality. His "Vote Green" poster seems to be attracting quite a few door knocks from worried canvassers representing Stephen Twigg.

Saturday 30th April

A great day of canvassing. We got round a large number of voters around Sefton Park and Greenbank Park, with some really positive responses. I have to thank the campaign team for their work and also the Young Greens, who worked really hard all day.

Khalid Hussenbux (my campaign manager and fellow member of the Green Party executive) unfortunately had to cut short due to a national budget crisis. We are virtually spent up, and need to find a way to pay for the final week's press events. A few hours later and after many phone calls, somehow, we have found the money to do it.

Any blog readers with an ethical eye - we need donations! Unlike UKIP or the other 3 we won't accept corporate funding, but that makes it really tough to compete.