Friday, May 06, 2005

It's time to sleep!

Riverside Result:

Labour 17,951 (57.6%)
Lib Dems 7,737 (24.8%)
Tories 2,843 (9.1%)
Green 1,707 (5.5%)
SLP 498 (1.6%)
UKIP 455 (1.5%)

We are very pleased to keep our deposit although I'm obviously disappointed not to have beaten the Tories which was our top end target. UKIP did a lot worse than I expected, and the SLP did well to get nearly 500 votes. A good result for Labour and the Lib Dems as well. Oddly enough, only UKIP seemed disappointed by their result and the rest of the candidates could draw some satisfaction from the final percentages.

From a national point of view, we haven't yet made our Parliamentary breakthrough. However, Brighton Pavilion's 22% is a significant improvement and we are continuing to build our local support. To see the real moves forward for the Greens, we have to wait for our local election results to come through tomorrow.