Saturday, April 23, 2005

A Week is a Long Time in Politics

If I do this in reverse order, it will probably make more sense for blog readers.

Today, Saturday 23rd

My freepost leaflet arrived today. It means they are going out everywhere, just in time for postal votes, which is good news.

We had hustings at the Pakistan Centre on Mulberry Road in Granby. I really enjoyed it and was pleased with the response I got. The Conservative candidate was an absolute nightmare! I'm sorry to personalise it, but she got up and read a script, talked about asylum seekers as "they" even though up to half the audience had been asylum seekers. You all know enough about Tory policy to fill in what the content was like. It was not just offensive, it was also very embarrassing.

Returned home to find a Tory leaflet (just one) posted through the letterbox. Considering their are five flats, it doesn't look like they are running even a basic campaign. Will add it to my recycling after my fellow residents have had a chance to look at it as well...

Friday 22nd

I dropped off the four different version of our Radio Election Broadcast through our party office letterbox at 5.15am before catching the first train back to Liverpool, which unfortunately was delayed. Then a full day at work while ensuring (from a distance) that all versions got delivered to the appropriate stations.

Discovered I have a real clash on the 3rd May. I'm working in court with my paid job (not something that I can rearrange) and it is also the hustings at the Guild of Students. This is going to be a difficult one to sort out, so I'm sounding out one of our Manchester candidates about standing in for me.

Thursday 21st

A lot of work from home today. A critical email from a local Lib Dem councillor arrives in my inbox, complaining about the content of my election leaflet. I must have got it right!

Then a quick trip down to London by train. I dropped off our PEB previews to an Eastern region candidate at Euston before spending most of the night and early morning finalising our radio election broadcasts. Two hours sleep - great.

Wednesday 20th

Met with our Young Greens group - up for an award as the most active political society at Liverpool University - and passed on materials for distribution. Quite a few volunteers for canvassing on Sunday, but keeping my national head on, I urged those who had booked to go and help out our target constituency in Leeds to still make the journey.

Tuesday 19th

It's all gone quiet on the constituency bulletin board on this site. The SLP and UKIP are now also standing in Liverpool Riverside and those very vocal socialists who were going to vote Labour have moved on to pastures new. Lots of new anti-Greens though, just to keep it interesting. It's not exactly a pro-Green publication, but just for those who are inquisitive about my position on UNISON, please check out

Monday 18th

I finished the speed date voting stunt in London at 10.15pm which is due for broadcast on Newsnight next Monday (25th). We got a very respectable +1 approval rating, only being beaten by Plaid Cymru and the SNP who got +2. All the major parties, plus the hard right ones performed badly, with negative ratings from our 14 speed dates.