Sunday, April 03, 2005


I've had Louise Ellman's "Labour Rose" leaflet through today with its six New Labour pledges, all very local (and a couple that I'd enthusiastically endorse). I should take each one in turn:

1. Being approachable to all residents should not be a pledge. This is a requirement of the job. It would be like asking a teacher to pledge to go into the classroom.

2. Work with the government and local councillors... against anti-social behaviour. No one wants anti-social behaviour, but I think the emphasis should be on what to provide for kids in local communities. This should really be the point that Labour attacks the local Lib Dem council for cutting youth provision in Liverpool.

3. Increase jobs, investment and training to benefit all residents. I AGREE.

4. Expand opportunities through local Sure Start and well funded schools. I AGREE but I'd like to point out that we shouldn't be penalising local students who want to go to university by asking them to take on debts of £4000+ each year. Unfortunately Louise Ellman voted for tuition fees in the last parliament.

5. Better public transport and a cleaner, greener Liverpool. I AGREE.

6. A Capital of Culture that reaches every community. I AGREE (but this one is a bit cheesy and vague).

So having looked at the pledges, I'm going to suggest a few that I would like to suggest to Louise Ellman, and I look forward to putting these forward as my pledges in the entirely theoretical position of being an MP in May:

  1. To vote against a war with Syria or Iran.
  2. To vote to withdraw all UK troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  3. To campaign to fund public services from taxation and end PFI initiatives.
  4. To campaign for a peak time congestion charge to reduce city centre traffic.
  5. Better public transport and a cleaner, greener Liverpool (I really mean it)
  6. Prevent the destruction of communities and local housing for short term gains.

Very glossy paper. Can't see the recycled logo anywhere yet, but I'm sure Labour really are working towards to a greener Liverpool. I think I'll finish blogging now before my cynicism moves onto the overload setting...