Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hectic Day

Started my (paid) work at 7am this morning and worked through until a necessary appointment at 2pm. This clashed with hustings organised by with all other candidates able to attend. Fortunately for me, my very capable deputy, our student organiser Rob Smith, was able to stand in for me, and the recording of the debate will be available on the above link within seven days.

I met a new activist who I had spoken on the phone to previously, who has impeccable environmental and campaigning credentials. I've already discussed the possibility of her standing for us as a candidate in the next local elections.

Now ploughing through admin and emails. All on 4 hours sleep. I can't believe I do this for free sometimes, but then I look on the internet and see over 100 hits for "Franz Ferdinand" & "Green Party" and it all seems worthwhile again.