Sunday, April 24, 2005

Canvassing and Radio 5

After having encouraged most of Liverpool's canvassers to Leeds to help out in one of our target constituencies, two of us set out to cover Kensington Fields today. In general it was quiet, with some definite votes coming to us, but with quite a lot of non voters. Without being pushy, we made it clear we would be trying to nudge Labour in the right direction with a good vote here. Even a committed Lib Dem resident was pleased to see us and thanked us for being out on the streets, as they felt people needed to see politicians in person and not just on the leaflet.

Radio 5 rang during the afternoon and I did some phone recording on our policies for tomorrow's(Monday) breakfast show. They are featuring the Riverside constituency and the Lib Dem's seeking to focus on Iraq. Having just been out canvassing, I told them that this was not coming up on the doorstep, but was for many members of campaigning groups, the biggest focus in this election. I also managed a plug for the Capital of Culture, but emphasising that culture means local businesses and local focus, not national department stores.

Some good news on national fundraising. We are approaching our target amount after an appeal to members, although we would hugely benefit from more donations coming in. Unlike the other parties we have to squeeze every last penny to maximise the impact of our campaigns. With Newsnight now scheduled to broadcast the Speed Date Voting stuff tomorrow, looks like a double media hit day.