Thursday, April 14, 2005

Back on again

I can't believe it is ten days since my last blog entry. Things are moving at such a pace right now.

We did our bike stunt in London last Thursday which brought us some excellent national publicity and with the press treated as our launch. Fortunately our timing was perfect this week when our actual launch (including manifesto) went out on Tuesday, with no major launch clash. Again some excellent national coverage.

I spent a lot of last week discussing the final editing of the PEB with our director, Alex Cox, who has done a fantastic job with the brief we gave him. From a local perspective, we've been able to get some great coverage as all the work has been done in Liverpool, by six local businesses. This is a prime example of Greens supporting regional industry as opposed to just throwing the contract at London. The special effects are superb, the music provided by a band that is currently more popular than U2, and our candidates are not too bad either.

Our National Executive met on Saturday to discuss the campaign and plan the remaining launches and policy initiatives. Can't give too much detail here obviously...

Did a BBC3 interview on Tuesday, BBC Radio Merseyside twice on Wednesday (with coverage of our regional launch) and am catching up with my web and blogging responsibilities now.

I'd invite anyone with the time to do it to take a look at the Liverpool Riverside thread. For a safe Labour seat, the amount of personal stuff being thrown in my direction is quite surprising. First it was because I was standing and we should all vote Labour to stop the BNP, then when that went, it changed to "isn't a community activist" and the latest is to attack my paid job (because I do the politics for free!) because I work for a private company (which I partly own) that I helped set up over 10 years ago.

I can only think that local Labour is genuinely rattled for some reason. They've perhaps got the private polling responses to give them that reason. Frankly, I don't know, but I do know that it just gives me further encouragement. For the first two years of standing in local elections for the Greens I was pretty much ignored, couldn't get letters in the local press and didn't appear on the Labour radar. Things have obviously changed!

Final bit for tonight - one of the local hustings organised by health organisation has been cancelled because not a single Labour or Conservative candidate was prepared to attend. This is a pity. I hope that it is not a sign of things to come.