Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Weekend campaigning

A lot of this weekend has been taken up with national campaigning. Our Peace Poster was launched on Friday and despite initial coverage from Epolitix, the Guardian and Independent failed to run this on Saturday. I'll be trying to upload the image to this blog if I can.

It is fairly tough to get coverage as a smaller party. Greens are polling about 2% nationally while the Lib Dems are polling around 20%. When you think about 1/10th of the coverage for the Lib Dems, you can see how tough it is to get national media coverage.

Saturday saw the filming of some of our Party Election Broadcast down in London with the Peace March well supported by Greens. Caroline Lucas was much in demand (as usual) but was able to do her bit as well! I was also able to combine a meeting on party finance with the 2nd half of the Wales v Ireland game.

Back in Liverpool on Sunday for an envelope stuffing day as we prepared campaign packs for local members and supporters and updated the Liverpool Green Party website. Fortunately for team building reasons, we then took a break to attend to the most important event in Liverpool's calender that weekend. Liverpool of course won, but Everton's late goal kept blue Greens interested until the end. My personal final draft leaflet has arrived as a PDF and I am happy to see it completed.

Monday was taken up fielding telephone calls, particularly on our national manifesto and manifesto launch. More details to follow, but suffice to say that we are doing something that no other party has yet thought of. I also find out that we've had a councillor defect to us from the Liberal Democrats in Suffolk. The key members of the national executive discussed a couple of strategic matters by phone conference and we distributed our election timetable to candidates.

Today's poll in the Guardian is positive. We remain on 2% nationally but the key for this election in my opinion is to re-establish us as the 4th party in Britain. Unlike certain single issue parties, we are trying to fight all elections and make real changes at a local level. Brighton Pavilion is still looking good for us and 3 of the tactical voting websites are now backing the Greens to win there. It is still an uphill struggle but it is a sign of how far we have come that we are now considered contenders for a seat at Westminster.