Thursday, March 24, 2005

Phone conferences

I'll be honest and say that I struggle with phone conferences. They are very green and save on travel and expense, but you miss so much without the visual cues at meetings. Our Communication Committee meeting hammered out the final details for our campaign launch and a couple of the up and coming pre-election events. Can't really give anything confidential away right now, but you'll probably find we spring a couple of surprises on the other parties.

The Press Office have asked me to contact The Times who are running an election supplement apparently. They've asked for our input and an overview of the Green campaign. So I'm swotting up on some figures tonight ahead of tomorrow morning's phone call. Times readers are not perceived to be our natural supporters but there is clearly no such thing as bad election publicity.

Final point tonight. I'm going to start running a tally chart on ideas that other parties take from the Greens (for example):

2004 Green slogan at the Euros "Real Progress"
2005 Lib Dem slogan for the GE "Real Alternative"

Although we obviously we can't patent "Real..." I only hope the Lib Dems didn't pay marketing bods lots of cash to come up with it, and actually did lift it from us, otherwise they might feel as though they haven't got value for money. Imitation is of course, a sincere form of flattery.