Friday, March 18, 2005

Campaign Meeting and Freepost

Liverpool Green Party met this Wednesday with 15+ attendees... That number is more than 1/4 of the party membership within Riverside, so the enthusiasm for the election is building.

As an underfunded party, our best resource is our members and our supporters. The campaign has formal positions, but essentially the membership is organic, and can support me by providing contact details for local groups and acting as a network campaign. It is a really positive feeling to hear some of the creative ideas coming from the meeting and includes a great deal of stuff I would never have thought of. Our collective intelligence and abilities is a lot greater than I could ever generate as an individual.

The final editing for our Freepost leaflet is now complete, and I've put my money where my mouth is by upgrading to the addressed Freepost scheme within the Green Party. Every voter on the Electoral Roll within Riverside will now receive a leaflet, which is of course going to be 100% recycled. This is one example of Green principles in action - why can't Labour or the Lib Dems use recycled paper for their leaflets?

When I asked one of my rival candidates about this at last year's local elections when they might start using recycled paper, the response was, "when it is cheaper". Short sighted. If everything in a campaign is based on how cheaply they can get things done, it makes you wonder what kind of council or government decisions get made on the same principle.